Ranks, Roles, and Responsibility

The Four Rank Tiers

There are four rank tiers in our corporation, each with different requirements. None of the ranks have quotas. The four rank tiers are::

  • Enlisted – maintains good conduct
  • Non-Commissioned Officer – demonstrates good leadership, management, and integrity; no commitments to maintain
  • Commissioned Officer – demonstrates great leadership, management, and integrity; commits small percentage of playtime to maintain rank, but no absolute time commitments
  • Flag Rank Officer – demonstrates exceptional leadership, management, and integrity; commits a small amount regular playtime towards corporation.

Enlisted Ranks

Rank Role Responsibility
Recruit (No Title) Good Conduct Don’t misbehave too badly. No spamming. No flame wars. No taking advantage of other members. Etc.
Cadet Socialize This is a social corporation. While socialization is not strictly required, it is greatly encouraged. Mature topics and humor of bad taste is permissible (and expected!) within moderation. Personally derogatory and intolerant statements will not be tolerated and will be addressed accordingly. (To say the least, keep such talk in private chat, not corporation chat.)
Fleet Up/Cooperative Endeavors This is a corporation of players who generally prefer to play with others rather than by themselves. While fleeting up and engaging in cooperative endeavors with other members is not strictly required, it is greatly encouraged. In order to maximize the gameplay experience, members should seek to organize fleet formation spontaneously in corporation chat.
Private Contribute to the Coffers Contribute to the greater good of the corporation by donating ISK and/or items of use to other members.
Earn Corporation Status Earning status with preferred NPC corporations, thereby providing access to higher level mission agents, better mission rewards, and cheaper services at NPC stations for all members.

Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks

Rank Role Responsibility
Marshal Moderate Corporation Chat Should corporation chat ‘get out of line’, diplomatic steps must be taken in order to deescalate the negativity: warn and educate the offenders, and take administrative steps to penalize or expunge repeat or extreme violations as needed.
Encourage Participation Outstanding members of the corporation are perhaps best recognized for their ability to encourage others to participate in socialization, fleeting, corporation events, and website use.
Guide Members Around Website Our corporation website is frequently updated and contains useful information to players new and old alike. Outstanding members should be well acquainted with the corporation website and other useful EVE webpages, and should direct members to webpages they may find useful.
Corporal Collaborate With Other Officers Given the privilege of access to officer chat, officers are expected to use the channel constructively for administrative discussion and collaboration with other officers for the purposes of corporation growth and improvement. Officer channel is not to be used to exclude the rest of the guild from non-administrative conversations.
Sergeant Officer Apprenticeship Senior officers should identify potential officers and take them under their wing as junior officers.

Commissioned Officer Ranks

Rank Role Responsibility

Flag Officer Ranks

Rank Role Responsibility

Warrants as Roles

Roles are granted in the form of warrants. A member who accepts the warrant becomes a warrant officer. The warrant itself does not designate rank or seniority (apart from holding at least the minimal officer rank).

Warrants include, but are not limited to:

  • Quartermaster
  • Loremaster
  • Drillmaster
  • Emergency CEO
  • Civic Guard Commander (Defensive/Homeland PVP Operations)
  • Warmaster (Offensive PVP Operations)
  • Fittingmaster
  • Mining Op Commander
  • Freight Op Commander
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Manufacturing Manager
  • Trade Manager
  • Science Manager
  • Exploration Manager
  • Ambassador
  • Seer
  • Career Specialists (knowledge consultants)
    • Military
    • Mining
    • Exploration
    • Business
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