Recruitment Runs

Target Audience

Ryoga is looking to recruit social players that enjoy fleeting & cooperating together and good conversation. (This is not strictly required; Ryoga welcomes anyone and everyone into its ranks.) Unlike other corporations, rank and privilege are acquired by means of trust, merit, and social standing as opposed to number of skillpoints and time devoted to gameplay. No commitment of any kind is required for membership or the vast majority of officership positions; this is a game to be enjoyed with others, not a second job!

Although we welcome everyone, we do place special emphasis on two demographics:

  • Newbies
  • Singles looking for their better half. Let’s face it, how better to meet the love of your life than to find them through the greatest game of all time? Then we could have an EVE themed wedding!

Recruitment Strategy

  1. Initiate a private conversation
  2. Engage in small talk
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Introduce the corporation
  5. Pitch the corporation
  6. Reel them in (address their concerns, such as those regarding commitment and alts in other corporations)

We introduce ourselves and personally welcome all prospective members. Under no circumstances are we to ‘cold invite’ prospective members.

Here are some examples of overcoming common objections:

  • Not interested
    • Very well, if you change your mind, you are welcome any time.
  • I don’t think I’ll play the game enough to merit joining a corporation
    • We believe that real life comes first. Whether you play once day or once a year, we’d be happy to have you with us! You will never be expelled for being inactive.
  • I don’t know if I’ll be sticking with this character, or I prefer to play solo
    • We won’t hold it against you if you feel the game or corporation isn’t for you. You might at least appreciate having a good conversation and 0% tax rate while playing the game. That’s an 11% increase in earnings compared to staying in the NPC corporation. If you leave the corporation, no hard feelings! You’re welcome back anytime.

General Guidelines

  • If the player appears to be engaging in ‘newbish activity’, make the observation, offer suggestions, and offer to help. Let them know what our corporation offers (training, ships, modules, skillbooks, ISK, etc)
  • If they’re not interested, continue to try to form at least a one-on-one bond with them. You never know where that bond might lead regardless of whether or not they eventually join our corporation.
  • Familiarize yourself with our corporation charter, policies, rank structure, offices, and roadmap so you can address these items in specific detail. At least know where the information is located so you can reference it quickly as needed.
  • Check to see if the target is listed on our Diplomacy page. We don’t want to recruit banned people, we may want to leave others alone, and we may want to try new strategies if some had previously failed with the rest.
  • Do not blatantly pitch to others. It helps if you spark a genuine conversation that leads itself to mentioning our corporation. If they reject, that doesn’t mean the conversation wasn’t fruitful; you are entitled to make friends outside the corporation!
  • When they’re ‘on to you’, sometimes it helps to succumb to a little humility and confess that you are recruiting. Just let them know that if they ever want a social, active, casual family to call their own that they are always welcome.
  • Appeal to their character’s needs – If the corporation has the resources to support that player’s material needs, let them know that we are more than happy to provide for and help them.
  • Appeal to the atmosphere – Our corporation strives to provide the best social environment for casual gamers in the game. Let others know! They don’t have to quest solo; at least we can provide for good conversation while questing!

Recruiting Runs

A simple and effect way to recruit effectively en masse is to set a circular course that passes through starter systems, career agent systems, local office systems, and tradehub systems. You can then take a fast ship (a 2 Second Warp Out-capable ship), warp to the system, paste an advertisement in Local, and warp to the next.

Starter Systems Career Agent Systems Trade Hub
  • Sehmy VIII – Moon 2 – Hedion University
  • Emrayur III – Moon 1 – Royal Amarr Institute
  • Chaven VIII – Moon 1 – Imperial Academy
  • Solar System – Conoban
  • Solar System – Pasha
  • Solar System – Deepari
Solar System – Amarr
  • Todaki VI – Moon 1 – School of Applied Knowledge
  • Kisogo VII – State War Academy
  • Amsen VI – Moon 1 – Science and Trade Institute
  • Solar System – Akiainavas
  • Solar System – Jouvulen
  • Solar System – Uitra
Solar System – Jita
  • Cistuvaert V – Moon 12 – Center for Advanced Studies
  • Duripant VII – Moon 6 – Federal Navy Academy
  • Bourynes VII – Moon 2 – University of Caille
  • Solar System – Clellinon
  • Solar System – Couster
  • Solar System – Trossere
Solar System – Dodixie
  • Hulm VIII – Moon 2 – Republic University
  • Ammold V – Republic Military School
  • Ryddinjorn VI – Moon 2 – Pator Tech School
  • Solar System – Malukker
  • Solar System – Hadaugago
  • Solar System – Embod
Solar System – Rens
Central Empire Lowsec Solar System – Hek

An easy way to visit all these systems efficiently is to add them all as waypoints, and then use the “Optimize Route” feature in EVE.

You may want to do a recruiting run in a shuttle so that:

  • You travel between systems very quickly
  • You’ll warp out faster than most enemies can attack you
  • If an enemy destroys your ship, nothing of value is lost



Recruitment Macros

  • You may link any corporation advertisement (eg. in Local). If there are multiple advertisements, please use the one you feel is most relevant to the region. For example, if doing a newbie recruitment run (see previous section), an ad targeting newbies would be more effective than one targeting experienced players.

Filtering Applicants

Before accepting an applicant, review their application and their employment history for suspicious information or activity. If you feel the applicant might be a spy, please consult with a senior officer about recruiting the applicant.


Vagabonds are players who change player corporations very often, in a relatively short period of time. Some behavior, such as alternating between the same player corporation and an NPC corporation, is not suspicious as there are practical reasons (typically related to PVP and Factional Warfare) for doing this. If the player corporations themselves are changed frequently (and they are not alternating), then generally (but not always) this indicates undesirable traits (low corp spirit, leeching, espionage, etc). Below is a classic example of a player we unlikely want to have join our corp:


I footnotes