Officer Basic Training

Officership opportunities exist at all levels of our corporation, including opportunities available to new players, new corporation members, and those unable or unwilling to commit time to the game or corporation (ie. non-committal, voluntary, serve-when-you-feel-like-serving roles).

The following elements are common to all officers:

  • Familiarize yourself with our approach to Ranks, Roles, and Responsibility.
  • All officers must be thoroughly familiarized with our website. It should be reviewed regularly for updates and changes.
  • All officers have access to the officer channel, which is used to discuss matters in a discrete fashion that should not be said to the general membership.
  • Officers should refrain from saying anything to our members or the general public that unnecessarily casts a negative light on the game or our corporation; we do not want to unnecessarily turn people away from the game or our corporation. You are not being asked to be dishonest; you are being asked to focus on the positive elements and approach to approach the negative elements constructive fashion (eg. “how can this improve?”, “what can we do better?”, “how can this be prevented in the future?”, etc).
  • Ranks and roles are assigned and measured differently. Ranks denote trust, commitment, and seniority, while roles denote responsibilities.
  • Officers should get into the habit of qualifying their statements with a degree of certainty/uncertainty when presenting information to other officers or member, using qualifiers such as “I believe”, “If I remember correctly”, “last time I checked”, etc.
  • Officers are more than welcome to direct members to other officers who have more knowledge, experience, or seniority in a given area.
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