Engaging, Accepting, and Rejecting Prospective Members

Identifying Prospectives and Directing Them to The Recruitment Channel

Prospective recruits will make themselves known by:

  1. Messaging or Private Convoing a recruiter directly
  2. Submitting an application to the corporation
  3. Joining the recruitment channel

Prospectives who contact the recruiter directly should be directed to join the Recruitment Channel for general Q&A and recruitment procedures. Applicants who have neither contacted the recruiter nor joined the recruitment channel should be invited to the recruitment channel immediately. If they are not online, send them a message inviting them to join the recruitment channel. A sample message is as follows (yellow highlight indicates fields you should have linked):

Subject: Joining Ryoga Lonely Hearts

Thank you for expressing interest in joining Ryoga Lonely Hearts. Please join the [RYOGA] Recruitment channel in order to speak with one of our recruiters regarding your application. Thank you!


Orienting Recruits

Recruits should know about our three websites:

  • RyogaLonelyHearts.org is our corp website. Important pages include:
    • Joining Our Corp: about our corp and requirements to join
    • Corporation Policies
  • LotekOfNewEden.org is our alliance website. Important pages include:
    • The Lotek Doctrine
    • Joining Our Alliance
  • ArcherEnTilavine.org is a training website heavily referenced within our corp and from our corp and alliance website.

All our requirements for joining is listed in the Joining Our Corp page.

Interviewing Recruits

The purpose of the “Prospective Recruit Interview” is to:

  1. Observe the applicant to ensure they’re not of a temperament that would make them poorly suited to join our corporation.
  2. Address any private questions or concerns that they did not want to discuss in Recruitment Channel. Be sure to encourage discussion of non-private matters in Recruitment Channel so that other prospective recruits can benefit.

Extending and and Accepting Applications

  • If you have the Personnel Manager role, you may accept applicants at your discretion.
    • If the applicant is an alt of a corpmate, please inform the CEO and all the Directors of the association
  • If you do not have the Personnel Manager role, you may voice your recommendation to extend or accept an application to join to a Personnel Manager

Rejecting an Application

  • Only the CEO and Directors may reject an application
  • If you believe an application should be rejected, you may voice your recommendation to the CEO or a Director.
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