Corporation Blueprints

Using Corporation Blueprints for Personal Use

Our corporation possesses a massive repository of blueprint originals (BPOs) available for use by all our members. Members may make blueprint copies (BPCs) that they can use to manufacture or invent T2 BPCs from.

To make BPCs for personal use:

  1. Open the Industry Window
  2. Select the Blueprints Tab
  3. Select Owned by Corp
  4. Select the BPO you want to copy
  5. Press the “Copying” button. Specify the number of copies and the number of runs per copy. Specify the Output Location as corporation hangar “2 Communal”
  6. When the job is done, take the resulting BPC and place it in your personal item inventory

Using Corporation Blueprints for Corporation Use

Our corporation requires assistance max researching all BPOs and making BPCs for use by our manufacturing efforts.

If you have science slots available, please consider helping the corporation by (in order of priority):

  1. Researching any BPO that is not yet max-researched
  2. Making max-run max-researched BPCs that we do not already have for immediate use in the various BPC folders. As a rule of thumb, we like to have at least 5 unused max-run BPCs for every BPO available on hand. With few exceptions, only max-researched BPOs should be copied. These BPCs should be placed into the appropriately named BPC container.

If you list all blueprints (both BPOs and BPCs) and sort by name, you can quickly and easily see if there exists a max-researched BPO for which no ready-to-use BPCs exist.

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