Why a 0% Tax Rate?

One million ISK is worth far more to the poor than to the rich. While a flat tax ensures that everyone pays the same percentage, that percentage disproportionately affects those with low income moreso than those with higher income. Therefore, a 0% tax ensures everyone is affected the same way: not at all! Our corp thrives on its community, participation of its members, and donations. All ISK and assets are acquired through member donations. While it is true that some members will donate more than others, everyone will be comfortable giving their donation: they give us what they feel we deserve based off of what they are able to provide. Members who do not donate are no less valued: they still form an integral part the of our community, and serve as effective comrade in arms in fleets.

Anyone can donate ISK or assets to the corp at any time. Please consider donating with regularity. Consider:

  • Donating a percentage of your balance once a week
  • Donating loot and salvage that is unwanted or not needed
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