NPC Faction Alignment and Preferred Corporations


Our corporation strives to maintain high standings with the four empires, the Servant Sisters of EVE (SOE), and Outer Ring Excavations (ORE). High standings with the four empires provides us with safe passage, low taxes, and high mission rewards when operating in empire space. High standings with SOE and ORE provide us with access to their Loyalty Point (LP) store and the very unique items they provide.

In order to prevent standings loss with these factions, we kindly ask that all members reject all missions, with the exception of special missions, in which one of the four empires, SOE, or ORE is the enemy. Special missions include storyline missions and epic arcs. All other missions may be accepted freely. This allows us to maintain high standings with opposing factions concurrently without meddling in empire affairs.

Preferred NPC Corporations

The following comprise a list of preferred NPC corporations to do missions for.


  1. Research Agent Corporations:
    • Carthum Conglomerate
    • Viziam
  2. Amarr Navy


  1. Research Agent Corporations:
    • Lai Dai Corporation (only corp with 6 L4 R&D Agents)
    • Kaalakiota Corporation
    • Ishukone Corporation
  2. Caldari Navy


  1. Research Agent Corporations:
    1. Duvolle Laboratories
    2. CreoDron
    3. Roden Shipyards
  2. Federation Navy


  1. Research Agent Corporations:
    • Core Complexion Inc.
    • Boundless Creation
  2. Republic Fleet

Servant Sisters of EVE (SOE)

  1. Sisters of EVE

Outer Rigns Excavations (ORE)

  1. Outer Rings Excavations

Choosing a Corp to Run Missions For

  • Research Agent Corporations are generally the best corporations to work for. Once high standings with Research Agent Corporations have been established, Research Agents can be assigned to develop datacores for you. Datacore Farming is an extremely lucrative synchronous activity, as they are used to develop T2 and T3 BPCs.
  • It is possible, though very extremely unlikely, that a highly desirable item cannot be (affordably) found on the market, in contracts, or in an LP store of a preferred mission corporation, but can be found in an LP store of a non-preferred running corporation. In this case, it might make sense to mission for a non-preferred mission corporation so that you can procure that item.
  • Bases of operation may be located in strategically advantageous locations, but may be far removed from preferred mission corporations. In this case, it may make sense to mission for corporations nearby as a matter of convenience. In this case, you should still try to mission for a corp under a preferred faction whenever possible.

Finding Agents

The Agent Finder can be accessed by EVE Menu > People & Places > Agents tab > Agent Finder

It is substantially easier to find missions close to one or more of our bases by having the Agent Finder and Corporation details displayed side-by-side as shown below:


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