Joining Our Corp

To Join our corporation:

  1. Complete the Corporation Orientation
  2. Complete the Alliance Orientation
  3. Apply by contacting a recruiter for an interview. You may find them in the “[RYOGA] Recruitment” channel (without the quotes), or you may contact Archer en Tilavine, CEO, directly via private conversation or EVEmail.
  4. Relocate to Lotek Heaven, a Citadel located in Slays that serves as the headquarters for the alliance.
    • You are advised to relocate before officially joining
    • You need not bring all your assets, as it is always good to have multiple bases of operation. Just make sure to bring the essentials, or provision to acquire what you need once you arrive.
    • You will not be able to dock into the Citadel until you officially join. Therefore, you may want to temporarily relocate to Slays VII – Moon 3 – Center for Advanced Studies School
    • Currently, our Citadel does not have a medical bay, so you are advised to install your medical and/or jump clone at the CAS station in Slays.
  5. Once you have officially joined, say hello in Alliance chat!
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