Joining Our Corp

Ryoga Lonely Hearts comprises of mature, social players who generally enjoy conversation and cooperation whenever possible. Our goal is to become New Eden’s premier do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, community-first, casual-friendly, international corporation. We gladly welcome and train newbies, and encourage (but do not require) roleplaying.

To Join our corporation:

  1. Read our Corporation Charter.
  2. Read through our Corporation Policies.
  3. Satisfy all of the requirements for Joining Our Alliance.
  4. Apply by contacting a recruiter for an interview. You may find them in the “[RYOGA] Recruitment” channel (without the quotes), or you may contact Archer en Tilavine, CEO, directly via private conversation or EVEmail.
  5. Relocate to our HQ or one of our offices. You may discuss your options with your recruiter.

Recruiters may be contacted on our discord server.

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