Friendly Fire Policy

  • Legality is in reference to Crimewatch mechanics, applicable in both Hisec and Lowsec. (In Lowsec, CONCORD does not intervene when crimes are committed, but you do still receive a penalty to your security status.)
  • Illegal friendly fire is always prohibited under any and all circumstances.
  • Legal friendly fire is permitted if and only if an engagement between corpmates and any restrictions therein have been agreed upon in advance for a limited duration of time.
    • The purpose of legal friendly fire is to facilitate PVP training among corpmates (especially fleet vs fleet training), and to take advantage of certain mechanics in combat (such as purposefully webbing a fleetmate in order to decrease their time to align and accelerate to warp).
    • If the engagement was not agreed upon, then it is NOT acceptable to engage a corpmate under any other circumstance, even if they are suspect, criminal, has a killright available on them, etc. In other words, the normal Rules of Engagement do not apply to other corpmates.
    • Unless otherwise agreed upon, the following restriction applies to all engagements: cease fire once armor is at or below approximately 10%. This restriction is intended to ensure that training engagements do not result in ship losses except when ship losses are declared in advance to be acceptable for the duration of the engagement
  • Violations will be reviewed and penalties assessed on a case-by-case basis
    • Violations will only be reviewed if corp leadership has been notified. Otherwise, it will be assumed that any attacks and ship losses occurred within the agreed upon terms and conditions
    • Violations may include up to and including 110% the estimated value to replace the ship at one of the five tradehubs and expulsion from the corporation
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