Choose Your Cut Policy

The vast majority our corp’s wealth (ISK and assets) comes from member contributions. We want our members to be proud of being part of our community, and to express that pride by choosing when and how they choose to contribute. We encourage members to regularly contribute what they feel we deserve within their individual means to provide.

For example: suppose you participate in a wormhole mining expedition with the corp. What do you do with your haul? Well, that’s for you to decide! Feel like keeping it all for yourself? Go for it. Feel like donating it all to the corp? By all means. Feel like keeping some and donating the rest? That sounds reasonable.

What Can I Contribute?

  • PVE/PVP Loot
  • Salvage
  • Ore (unprocessed if your refining skills are low)
  • Minerals
  • Ice
  • Gas
  • Exploration Loot (datacores, decryptors, rare drops, etc.)
  • Planetary Interaction materials
  • Moon Mining materials
  • Research and Copying of BPOs

When Should I Contribute?

  • Deposit unwanted/unneeded goods as they accrue and you ‘clean house’
  • Deposit the corp’s cut whenever unloading cargo
  • Consider submitting a weekly tithe of a fixed percentage or fixed amount if it is within your means
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