API Key Policy

  1. API Keys are required of all members before they are assigned any rank, role, or title
  2. API Keys are required of all members creating accounts on our website in order for the account to be approved
  3. API Keys are required for all owned accounts, not just those containing characters in the corporation
  4. API Keys, at a minimum, must contain the following properties:
    • Type Character (as opposed to Corporation)
    • Shows all Characters
    • No Expiration
  5. API Keys may be audited at random to ensure they remain accessible and in compliance. API Keys found not in compliance will result in the owning character’s website account being disabled; ranks, roles, and titles (temporarily) revoked, and the character in question being investigated for possible espionage
  6. Unless otherwise specified, only the CEO will have access to the keys, and the keys will not be shared with anyone else. Not even Directors will have access to the API keys

API Keys can be managed at https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/

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