Corporation Charter

Our Purpose

The purpose of our corporation is to create a strong community of mature, social, casual players who generally enjoy conversation and cooperation whenever possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become New Eden’s largest, most active do-it-all, do-it-everywhere, casual-friendly, new player-friendly, roleplayer-friendly, international corporation.

The Lotek Doctrine

We are the creators of and strictly adhere to The Lotek Doctrine.

Our NPC Standings Alignment

We are aligned with the four empires. We kindly ask our members to decline all missions where one of the four empires is the primary enemy (with the exception of missions that raise faction standings such as storyline and epic arc missions).

Why Another Corporation?

Ryoga was founded by Archer en Tilavine in response to his dissatisfaction with existing corporations.

Problems Observed in Existing Corporations Ryoga Corporation’s Solution
Leadership is poor or nonexistent. Archer en Tilavine is a strong-willed, knowledgeable, capable, experienced leader with a clear sense of vision and purpose for the corporation.
Leadership is oligarchic and/or few officership opportunities exist. There are no quotas on ranks; ranks are awarded on the basis of merit to those interested in assuming additional roles and responsibilities.
Members and officers are demoted or evicted due to inactivity or ‘low contribution’. Members will never be evicted due to inactivity or lack of contribution. Only the highest ranks require a degree of time commitment, but officership opportunities are still available without any commitment requirements
Lower skillpoint and less experienced players are unwelcome or prohibited from attaining higher ranks. Rank and privilege primarily reflect upon your trustworthiness and standing with the member community, be it through social rapport, organizing and planning fleets, helping others, contributing to the corporation coffers, earning status for the corporation, etc. Skillpoint count has no impact on promotability, and only the highest ranks have modest commitment requirements.
Excessively ‘hardcore’ atmosphere makes EVE feel more like a second job instead of a game. There is no commitment or obligation to do anything to remain a part of our community – we play the game for fun and fun only!
Excessively ‘relaxed’ atmosphere makes members feel disconnected from each other such that the corporation makes no progress, has no identity, and serves no purpose. Ryoga is defined by it’s members as a group of casual, highly social players who generally prefer to fleet together and enjoy good conversation while doing so. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand both our presence in other systems and endeavors.
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