Corporation Blueprints

All of our corporation blueprints are located in the BPO hangar at our Aydoteaux base, and are accessible to anyone with the Manufacture title or at least L1 access. Manufacturers can manufacture goods on behalf of and for the corporation using the available blueprints and the input materials located in our Input Materials hangar; it is not possible for a manufacturer to use their own materials when using a corporation blueprint, or output manufactured goods directly in to their personal hangars. Those with at least L1 access can research, invent, or copy blueprints at any of our bases (should BPOs become available in places other than Aydoteaux).

Accessing Corporation Blueprints

  1. Open Industry Window
  2. Click Blueprints Tab
  3. In the first drop-down box, select “Owned by Corp”

You will see a list of all blueprints owned by the corporation and where they are currently located. You do not need to be at their location to see the list. Sorting the columns, and selecting additional filters will help narrow down your selection. Clicking a blueprint, or any of the activity icons on the blueprint entry, will install the blueprint for you to begin your job (manufacturing, material efficiency research, time efficiency research, copying, or invention).

Manufacturing/Copying For Yourself Using Corp Blueprints and Materials

You may deposit an audit container with your name on it into the L1 hangar. You may require that a password, known only to you, is required to open it. (Others may still be able to views its contents, but they won’t be able to remove them without a password). You must, however, not require a password to view the audit log. If a container feeling to satisfy these requirements is placed in a Hangar without permission, it and its contents may be confiscated.

Contributing to our Collection

Regarding Blueprints, our objectives are to:

  • Own at least one of each BPO readily available in game
  • At least one of each BPO should be fully researched

You may contribute to our collection by either:

  • Donating BPOs we don’t own yet into the BPO hangar
  • Help research a BPO we do own to maximum efficiency (sort blueprints by time or material efficiency to see which ones need still need to be researched)

If you do not have permission to research BPOs, speak with an officer about being granted such permissions.

Research Incentive

The corporation will pay 25k ISK for every hour of research performed on a BPO. The incentive will be given when the BPO has finished being researched (not necessarily maxed out). The following terms and conditions apply:

  • The research must be performed on a non-duplicate BPO
  • The research must reach completion. If the research was cancelled at any stage, you will not receive the incentive
  • For the purposes of calculating the incentive, the time duration spent will be rounded down to the nearest minute.
  • Incentives will be paid only to research durations that span at least one hour
  • Parallel research jobs will each be incentivized individually. For example: if you research 11 jobs in parallel for 1 hour each, then your incentive will be 11 * 25k = 275k for that hour
  • Incentive request must be directed to an officer. You will not receive incentive if you did not request it.

Blueprint Usage Rules

Unless given permission to do otherwise by a superior officer, the following rules hold at all times:

  1. Do not manufacture using BPOs. If you want to manufacture for yourself or for your corp, makes copies, and then manufacture off the copies.
  2. Manufacturing using Corp Input Materials is for general corp use only, not for personal use. You may take a reasonable share for personal use, but mass produced items should remain in the appropriate hangar for use by all our members
  3. Except for single runs that by themselves take longer than 24 hours, try to limit your runs so that they do not require more than 24 hours to complete.
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