Shadow of the Serpent: The Beginning of an Unintended Paradigm Shift?

Prior to the introduction of Shadow of the Serpent (SotS), the activity level of systems remained fairly constant: some systems were rarely ventured into, or were inhabited by small, frontier corporations, and other systems were always full of passer-bys and those living their daily lives. In the hunt for SotS event sites, however, an unprecedented level of circulation has emerged across virtually all systems, especially those in empire space: many players are rapidly flying between different systems that they previously never visited, nor have any intention to visit again except in hopes of finding a newly respawned event site.

Some of the possible implications of this activity if it persists or expands in the long term (eg. contiguous events such as SotS:

  • The big picture: a mass balancing of activity across systems (esp. in hisec) due to the disbursement from high-activity to low-activity systems, since low-activity systems have a higher chance of having incomplete event sites
  • A decreasing shift of market and player activity in tradehubs:
    • Fewer buyers at tradehubs since they’d rather buy goods (ie. ammo, drones, etc) closer to their current location: low-activity systems with a higher chance of incomplete event sites
    • More sellers at tradehubs selling loot from event sites, especially rares (implants, parts needed for the new and upcoming faction capitals)
    • Result: less revenue for sellers; prices may need to be lowered in order to adjust for the decreased demand
  • A shifting of market activity in non-tradehub areas
    • More buyers looking to replenish or even establish themselves in frontier or arbitrary systems. Demand substantially increases in previously low-market activity systems.
    • Relatively few sellers find substantially more buyers. Prices may increase to maximize revenue and profit from the convenience of their proximity
    • Opportunistic players, corporations, and alliances make themselves at home on frontier systems with increased confidence that they will be able to both profit and replenish themselves from a growing local market regardless of current or planned degree of self sufficiency.
  • A mass balancing of gate jumping activity
    • With the exception of chokepoints, previously high-traffic gates may see less activity as players disperse elsewhere
    • Opportunistic gate campers may find more ‘prey’ in any system, though less prey in previously high-traffic gates (except for choke points)
  • Greater confidence in expanding into Dangersec
    • Fewer centralized gate campers to contend with
    • Larger player presence makes it easier to ward off pirates
    • Previously undervalued non-empire faction spaces will find new players and corporations calling them home, especially as they realize the value of their unusual LP stores. Just because some factions don’t offer faction ships doesn’t mean it’s not worth grinding LP with them. They do offer some unique non-ship items, as well as an interesting cross-section of items that would otherwise require working for anti-aligned factions.
  • Increased participation during the northern hemisphere summer, which traditionally results in a massive ‘lull’ across all corps/guilds across all MMOs.
  • Rise of automated bots for “instant looting”. Most unfortunately, such bots can be created using special readily available software (which I will not name so as to not give others any ideas) without modifying or even interfacing with the game, and would be virtually undetectable since they would be almost indistinguishable from the looting prowess of trigger-happy egg thieves. CCP may need to implement features such as “loot locks”, “loot rolls” (as in most MMORPGs), and FC-specified loot methods to mitigate the effects of instant-loot bots).
  • Serpentis Capital Microprocessors are grossly undervalued, and their prices will skyrocket as smarter players buy them cheap, supply decreases, and they are resold at a greater price, or kept for actual Capital construction.

Too bad you summer vacationers are missing out on this awesome event, and its unintended implications for the future of EVE.

Your thoughts?

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