My Personal Views on Piracy

These views are mine and mine alone, and do not necessarily represent the views or the policies of Ryoga Lonely Hearts.

Piracy is fun. It’s an integral part of EVE, and it very well should be. Everyone at some point wants to be a pirate, and I encourage them all to do so. I have nothing for or against pirates as individuals, and don’t hold it against them if they decide to grief me or my corporation. To the contrary, the challenge is both welcome and accepted.

The only time I frown upon a pirate is when they roleplay their persona in excess, without moderation. When they take themselves too seriously (acting or otherwise), then it’s just lame and embarrassing. I’d much rather deal with a pirate that keeps his mouth shut and annihilates our corporation on a daily basis that one who barely affects us at all whatsoever but keeps stroking his ego in conversations with and messages to my corporation. The same goes with “trolling” in general: you’ve got the good trolls that makes everybody laugh and you’ve got the bad troll that’s just plain annoying, excessive, and undesirable in any context. Now I’m not saying I dislike taunting and baiting and showing-off when I’m on the losing team (bring it!), but there is such a thing as too much or too often when it comes to boasting.

As for how and when someone should engage in piracy, I personally believe it is best to be consistent: your character’s persona either is or is not a pirate. Not being a pirate doesn’t mean you won’t have your fair share of PVP; there will be plenty of pirates to face in hisec and plenty of competition elsewhere. At the very least, I believe a character’s piracy activities should reflect the policy of their current corporation: prohibited, permitted, or encouraged.

I personally would prefer none of my corpmates encourage in piracy (as I don’t want to unnecessarily alienate any potential recruit or ally, especially since we cater to new players), but I’ve decided to set a non-affiliated permissive policy on piracy to be somewhat fair and flexible. As long as our members do not engage in piracy in the name of our corporation (and don’t give that impression), then I’m okay with it. When we form our alliance, I do intend on having a wing of the alliance where piracy is officially sanctioned/encouraged, but otherwise kept isolated from the rest of the alliance and the core corporation behind.

A final thought on piracy with regards to novice EVE players: a rite of passage into EVE is to get griefed. At some point, every novice will (and should!) have his head shoved down into the toilet and given a swirly. They need to know that pirates are out there and what they are capable of, but they should not be explicitly targeted and pestered to the point of quitting the game. We don’t want to turn away players from EVE; we want EVE to keep growing so we have a larger pool of friends, allies, and enemies down the road. A relatively large percentage of pirates abide by some sort of honor code in which they reach out to their obviously-novice victims to offer advice or even financial compensation. These are the pirates I have the greatest respect for. When our future alliance sanctions the one-and-only pirate corporation within the alliance, I intend to install an honor code that would include, among other things, have provisions regulating the treatment of the weak, ignorant, and helpless.

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